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Civil Engineering

We introduce ourselves as a Mechanical Professionals and Mechanical Consultancy firm 100% guaranteed satisfaction having 22 years of successful related experience in Government, Semi Government, Military Engineering and Private/Industrial Sector.


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Our Statements


Vision Statement

Transfo Tech. Engineering envisions becoming a leading technology company to provide top services, products and industrial solutions in a competitive domestic & global environment.


Mission Statement

We strive to expand our team of professionals and support their growth, to ensure our customers receive best possible solutions to their civil needs.


Business Goals and Objectives

The Goal of the Policy is to sustain continued commitment to meeting organization, client and customer requirements.



Communication Towers

Transfo Tech Engineering provides a wide range of services regarding towers.

Storage Tanks

Storage tank inspection, audit and calibration from Transfo Tech. Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Water Treatment

Tranfo Tech. Engineering has packaged a product range of quality filtration equipment

Pumps & Pumping System

Transfo Tech Engineering Provides the pumping system for heating, air conditioning, water supply and sewage.

Fire & Gas Detection

Transfo Tech. Engineering Pvt. Ltd. provides comprehensive customized fire and gas systems and solutions.

Water Meters

Transfo Tech. Engineering Pvt. Ltd. supplies water meter and heat meter in Pakistan.

Industrial Boilers

Transfo Tech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most prominent suppliers of Industrial Boilers in Pakistan

Industrial burners

Transfo Tech Engineering delivers industrial burners and heating systems.