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Transfo Tech. Engineering is rolling the wheel in Power Industry since 1998 as an EPC contractors with extra ordinary teamof experienced and young result oriented professionals. In this short span of time Transfo Tech. Engineering has progressed gigantically and is now included in the fleet of successful contracting companies working in Pakistan. We are under committed and over delivered. We are Transfo Tech. Engineering!


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We will plan and execute complete projects from start to finish while building a strong relationship with our clients. We take complete charge From Planning, Creation, Installation, Testing & Commissioning To Maintenance by using a tailored approach for specific client & project requirements. We guarantee timely delivery with attention to detail, post-project maintenance, and an optimized financial plan.

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We believe in simplifying the engineering by using modern techniques without compromising on the quality. We take the safety as our first priority. We make every project cost effective to the customer needs while providing them result oriented quality deliveries in minimum possible time. We work with the pool of young professionals to bring the enthusing speed to our work, while supervising every task with specialized engineers to achieve the desired output.


To become the first company that came in to the mind for Power Projects. While becoming the supersonic EPC contractor of Pakistan and to achieve excellence in every formation of personal and professional life. We want to become an affordable contracting firm which can establish a reputation of customer satisfaction and reliability. To live the dream of a pure tech world company and to encourage young entrepreneurs to live for their own self’s.



Transfo Tech. Engineering is dedicated to providing an extensive range of services and products in accordance with customers’ specified requirements, regulatory standards and to meet timescales that will contribute significantly to the success of each and every client organization, and customer.

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We’re looking for long-term goals. People with the courage to take chances. Who understand that making a difference takes passion, patience, and persistence.

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experience to be trusted

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