1000 KVA Transformer

Transfo Tech. Engineering an Electrical Professional firm

Product Range:

We are one of the industry’s technically capable manufacturer’s producing broad and most  competitive range of transformers, We have the capability and expertise to manufacture transformers of different types and ratings from 2 KVA to 10MVA to suit a wide range of applications;

  • Distribution Transformers, Step-Down or Step-UP, Voltage up to 33 KV.
  • Power transformers, Step-Downor Step-Up to 33 KV.
  • Furnace Transformers, all types, up to 10 MVA.
  • Pad Mounted Transformers
  • Auto transformers
  • Rectifier transformers, including 1-Ph, 3-Ph, 6-Ph etc.
  • Chokes/Reactors
  • Dry-type Transformers
  • Special Transformers, including Dual-Voltage, Scott, etc.
  • Instrument Transformers
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