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Dehydration / Filtration of Transformers

Transformer Oil Filtration/Dehydration is an important part of regular transformer prevention maintenance. Oil dehydration remove solids, gases and moisture from the oil. Transfo Tech. Engineering provides Dehydration/Filtration of Transformer Oil.Read More »

Centrifuging of Transformer Oil

An alternate method used for dirt separation of oil is centrifuged. Routine transformer oil filtration or transformer oil conditioning is often confused with transformer oil centrifuging.Read More »

Repairing/Rewinding/Servicing/ Overhauling Of all Kind of Transformers

Transfo Tech. Engineering an Electrical Professional firm offers to its valued customers a qualitative range of Transformer Rewinding Services. Repair & Rewinding of all kind of transformers up to 8 MVA, Up to 11 KV Class.Read More »

Repairing/Servicing/Overhauling of HT/LT Switchgears, Oil Circuit Breakers (OCB), Vacuum Circuit Break (VCB) , Air Circuit Breakers & Minimum Oil Circuit Breaer

Transfo Tech. Engineering  an Electrical Professional firm offering a wide range of VCB & OCB Circuit Breakers to the customers that help in breaking up of circuit to avoid it from electric short-circuits.Read More »

Testing/Commissioning Of HT Transformers, Oil Circuit Breaker, Vacuum Circuit Breaker & Air Circuit Breaker

Transfo Tech. Engineering an Electrical Professional firm performed various routine tests for ensuring the quality, performance of a circuit breaker, these areRead More »

Refurbish of Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Oil Circuit Breaker & Air Circuit Breaker

Transfo Tech. Engineering an Electrical Professional firm, refurbished circuit breakers which will operate just like brand new ones. There are many reasons why a circuit breaker may be refurbished.Read More »

Installation of Transformers/Oil Circuit Breaker/ Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Transfo Tech. Engineering an Electrical Professional firm have a vast experience in installing and commissioning of different types and sizes of transformers, Oil Circuit Breaker and Vacuum Circuit Breaker.Read More »

Provide Used Transformers

Transfo Tech. Engineering an Electrical Professional firm also offers Transformer on rent to its customers. Usually it happened that a firm loses its electrical supply due to some fault in transformersRead More »

Supply & Installation of HT Termination Kits & HT Joint Kits

Transfo Tech. Engineering an Electrical Professional firm is affianced in providing LT/HT Cable Termination & Installation services to the esteemed patrons.Read More »

Cable Fault Location Services

Transfo Tech. Engineering an Electrical Professional firm supply, installs, test & commission HT & LT cables in trenches, trays and pipes. These are applicable in various kinds of industries.Read More »


Transformer Maintenance

“Size Or Rating” “Location In The System” “Criticality Of The Load” “Service Conditions” “Load Cycle”

Annual Maintenance Contact

In today’s competitive era, quality is a prime factor. Quality output from any Transformer depends on Transformer’s repeat performance. To get repeat performance;

Overhauling and Services on Site

TRANSFO TECH., team along with state of the art equipment, provides transformer maintenance service from coast to coast. Transformer maintenance and proper installation of your new power transformers is critical for insuring the extended life of your transformer.

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EPZA Karachi

EPZA Karachi awarded the bid of Maintenance/Overhauling of MV (VCB) Panels of Main Distribution Station # 5 at KEPZ... read more

Trade Mark

Trade Mark Acceptance Letter issued by Trade Mark Registry. read more


KPT has awarded the Tender of “Centrifuging of Oil for 1x750 KVA 1x500 KVA Transformers and Their Allied Works... read more


PQA issued the Complete Work Order of the Tender won by Transfo Tech. Engineering. read more

Sindh Revenue Board

Transfo Tech. Engineering got Registration with Sindh Revenue Board for SRB Tax. read more


Transfo Tech. Engineering has been Registered with STRN (Sales Tax) with FBR. read more


PQA awarded Tender of Annual Repair / Maintenance Contract. read more

Trade Mark

Trade Mark Registration submitted and Accepted by the Trade Mark Registration Authority. read more

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